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Tax Optimizer

Now you can win at tax time with the Tax Optimizer.

With recent changes to the IRS tax reporting rules, managing your gains and losses for tax purposes has never been more important. The Tax Optimizer lets you take control of your taxes by letting you change tax lot-matching methods on the fly to optimize your capital gains and losses.

The Tax Optimizer lets you:

  • Change the default matching method for your account, the current trading day or the prior trading day.
  • Run real-time "what-if" scenarios to see how different lot-matching methods affect your gains and losses.
  • Choose from among several tax lot-matching methods, including LIFO, FIFO, Maximize Long-Term Gain.
  • Maximize Long-Term Loss, Maximize Short-Term Gain, Maximize Short-Term Loss and Highest Cost.
    Manually match specific lots to trades using the Specific Lot matching method.
  • Make changes and save them until 8:30 PM ET on any given trading day.
  • View year-to-date profit and loss data by symbol.

Launch the Tax Optimizer from within your trading app.

  • In TWS, use the right-click menu from a position and select Change Tax Lots.
  • In mobile, find the Tax Optimizer in the Account Management section of the More menu.

This tool is available for stock, option, bond, warrant and single-stock future trades.

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